Mediation & Arbitration

Alternative Dispute Resolution is an area of particular emphasis for all members of Waratah Chambers.

Chambers has dedicated and well-appointed facilities for ADR. Arbitrations, mediations, settlement conferences and other forms of ADR regularly take place in our meeting room and breakout rooms.

Mediation is a well-recognised means of Family Dispute Resolution among family law professionals and the general public. It offers an informal means of resolving disputes by negotiation with the assistance of a third party, without the need for preparation of expensive documents and without the need for attendance at court events.

Arbitration is another form of Family Dispute Resolution where parties present arguments and evidence to an independent third party, the arbitrator, who makes a determination. Arbitration may be voluntary, ordered by a court or required as part of a contract and is more formal and structured compared with the mediation process.

All members of Waratah Chambers routinely advise and represent clients in all forms of ADR and a number of members of Chambers are accredited Mediators and Arbitrators.

The following Waratah Chambers members are accredited Mediators:

The following Waratah Chambers members are accredited Arbitrators:

For more information about ADR or in relation to our Mediators or Arbitrators please contact the Clerk via our Contact Us page.