Matthew Wong

Areas of Expertise

Child Support


Mediation & Arbitration


Trusts & Estates

Wills & Probate


Matthew is a practising Barrister in the State of New South Wales. He was called to the Bar in 2004 and is a foundation member of Waratah Chambers.

Matthew’s practice sees him retained nationwide in a wide variety of matters, particularly in complex matrimonial disputes. He is renowned for his methodical and strategic approach to litigation. In that regard, Matthew has been successively recognised by the “Doyle’s Guide to Australian Legal Practitioners” as one of Australia’s leading Family Law and Divorce barristers.

Prior to being called to the Bar, Matthew was employed in various in-house roles within the Office of the C.E.O. of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Subsequent to the Bank, Matthew accepted an invitation extended by former colleagues to be appointed the company secretary and external counsel to one of Australia’s fastest growing currency brokerage and market advisory firms. Despite these roles having concluded, Matthew has continued to be retained by financial institutions for advice (as to Family Law implications and otherwise). As such, Matthew has longstanding and broad experience in legal, corporate and commercial concerns. The latter is of particular utility given the increasingly complex and frequent Family Law interactions with corporations, trusts, income, taxation, capital and debt. This, combined with his extensive trial experience, uniquely places Matthew to advise your client as to any financial matrimonial cause.

Matthew is also widely recognised and retained in parenting matters. Over the course of his career he has appeared in countless trials and interim hearings involving the welfare and parenting of children. He has variously represented parents, grandparents and children (as counsel for the Independent Children’s Lawyer). Further, he has cross-examined almost all of the regularly appointed Court experts in the field of Child and Family psychiatry. Accordingly, his experience covers the whole spectrum of parenting disputes including but not limited to cases of: alleged parental alienation, alleged parental incapacity, proposed international relocation and disputed specific issues (such as schooling or travel).

Further to the above, Matthew has extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution. In that regard he is regularly retained, on behalf of parties, in mediations and arbitrations.

Matthew Wong