Kim Nightingale



T: +61 2 9264 8444

F: +61 2 9264 8944



Kim Nightingale is Clerk and Practice Manager at Waratah Chambers and is a crucial resource for anyone seeking to retain the legal services of our Barristers. Her experience in the legal sector began in the public service before moving to private practice.

As Clerk of the floor, Kim’s primary role is to assist Senior and Junior members of the Floor in the daily administration of their practice. The Clerk accepts briefs on members behalf, handles telephone enquiries from clients and members of the public, liaises with court officials, Judges and their Associates.

Kim is available to assist and advise in relation to any queries that you may have in relation to Counsel availability, their specific areas of legal expertise, professional fees, conferences or mediation.

Kim is a member of The NSW Bar Association and The NSW Barristers Clerks Association.

Kim Nightingale